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Email marketing and feedback – two sides of the same coin

Published on by Priya Jain

Complaints are the most hated thing-especially when it is regarding the email marketing campaign of your company. Within a fraction of seconds your newsletter can go in the spam items and spoil your reputation. Each mail that is marked spammed is equivalent to one customer lost. Even the mail provider will start filtering the messages coming from an IP address that is already marked spam. This means you lose the customers forever. The best way to avoid being spammed is through customer’s feedback. Taking the customer’s feedback to improve the email campaign is one of the signs of a successful email marketer.

1) Check the feedback loop

All email service providers send you a feedback loop every time your mail is marked spam. Therefore, it is necessary to suppress the feedback loop to ensure negative online publicity. If these customers want to subscribe again, let them sign up on their own. Avoid sending newsletter to them again.

2) Make sure the suppression works

The next step is to make sure that the suppression is working and the best way to do this by checking the feedback loop again and again. If the same email address is complaining, then definitely there is something wrong with the suppression process. Also, if the complaints are high for a particular newsletter or from a particular region, you can revamp the email marketing campaign and work over it once again.

3) Know the source of complaints

In your mail list make sure all the mail ids are flagged with their source, i.e. whether they have been obtained online or through some contest or events. This will help you understand the root cause of the negative feedback. Moreover, you can take action against the source, which is giving rise to a majority of complaints. The action can be as simple as improving the process for subscription for that particular data source.

4) Identify high complaint generating email

Start with email that are generating more than 4% complaints. However, do not forget the mails with lower complaint rate as they can escalate in the near future. Such analysis should be carried out monthly for a top-notch email marketing campaign.

Consider the complaints as a gift because they can actually make your unsuccessful campaign successful.

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