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Email marketing a helping hand to newspapers

Published on by Priya Jain

With the digital marketing growing at an amazing space, the print media, especially the newspaper are slowly getting lost in the internet world. The backbone of any newspaper is the advertisement that is published in it. But, the social media has reduced the number of advertisements to a great extent. Email marketing is the probably the only way to keep the print media alive. The following tips will help your newspaper grow and increase your readership.

1) A healthy relationship with readers

Through email make the news more customized. The customer can subscribe to the newsletter for news relating to crimes, sports and other local news. The customized version of the newspaper will help you build a positive rapport with the customers and you can still engage them.

2) Offer discounts

Send offers in the form of discounts, coupons to the customers through email. You can provide them online or offline coupons both. You can easily charge the advertisers giving ads in the newspaper for this and reduce the advertisement cost in the newspaper. The advertiser will give coupons varying from restaurants, discount coupons of spas or movie tickets. This will increase the readership and along with it attract advertisers and brands to the newspaper.

3) Mail interesting stuff via email

Youngster usually are not avid fans of newspaper. Therefore, if you want to target them, it is best to send news that interests them through email. Design a separate email marketing campaign to entice the youngster and make them read the newspaper. Send out small and interesting teasers to them through email to attract them and increase the readership. You can also contact few sports shop or rock bands and offer them discount so that they write a column for the newspaper. When youngster sees the article of their favorite pop-star, they are bound to read the newspaper.

Newspapers will never face the same dominance as they did a few years ago. For them it is now the survival of the fittest and email marketing is the biggest tool that can come to their rescue and keep them running in the media business for a long-run.

Priya Jain

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