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Commit these 4 mistakes and see a dip in the readers

21 March, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Even years back, the building blocks of a successful email campaign was an email list because unknowingly you have invested in the list. The wisdom still holds true despite the emergence of countless social media platforms. Unfortunately, a number of marketers mess completely with their email marketing, especially their email template free and are never able to leave a lasting impact on the customer. Building a list of junk email addresses hardly takes time. Creating the list is not as crucial as engaging the customers to retain customers who want to hear from your brand. Always remember that your email newsletter is the single most powerful tool in your armory and leverage its best potential to see the marketing figures touch the sky.

Here are four common email marketing mistakes, which a plethora of marketers commit and find themselves in deep waters.

1. Overlooking incentives

Most of the marketers use their marketing list to enlighten the customers about their brand. And, merely sending educational emails will not serve the purpose because the entire reason for creating customer engagement is getting lost. Today, customers prefer to share their email address with brands who offer value both regarding incentive and educational material. You need to keep sending promotional offers and gifts to maintain their interest in your brand. When using email template free, focus on small incentives because they work wonderfully as it helps in customer retention.

2. Neglecting emails for other marketing platforms

For years, email is the preferred mode of communication between the customers and brand. In fact, currently, there are more email accounts than Facebook accounts. Many brands shift their focus to Facebook marketing to increase sales and generate revenue. Email is the channel customers want to use to interact with the brand – it’s neither Facebook nor Snapchat nor Twitter. While these platforms are a great medium to create buzz around your brand, when it comes to customer engagement and retention, never neglect the power of email marketing.

3. Focusing on quantity instead of quality

Sending a bouquet of messages for the sake of sending will not serve the marketing purpose, even though you might encounter short-term profit. You lose out on potential ROI when you mindlessly trigger messages to the email list. As a marketer, you need to focus on quality because the relevance of content will decide the customer engagement with your brand. Furthermore, if you fail once, it will become difficult to catch up and build a successful email campaign. When you prefer quantity over quality, the engagement rate will witness a gradual decrease.

4. Not personalizing for the digital customers

In 2017, the most prominent disruptor for email was increasing customer expectation. Today, the digital customers don’t mind marketers using their information to create personalized messages. And, when these customers are devoid of personalized messages, they find it easier to opt-out from the newsletter. Customers are incredibly aware and expect brands to deliver value. Creating a compelling marketing campaign is not a rocket science. Focus on using email template free and avoid these four mistakes to win the trust of the subscribers.

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