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All about animated GIFs for email marketing

Published on by Priya Jain

Animated GIF today, is one of the leading ways to capture the interest of the audience and attract customer’s attention. GIFs are becoming extremely popular in all fields of marketing and there is no reason, why you should not use it in your email marketing strategy.

How to use the GIFs?

With the GIFs you can create attractive and innovative stories. You can easily demonstrate what the product is all about through an animated GIF. Animated GIFs are an amazing to drive and increase the click through rates and generate leads. If you are a company selling kids’ product, then it is best that you send animated GIFs of the products to entice the target audience. However, ensure that you do not overdose the email with animated GIFs. This will reduce readability and can make the email newsletter look extremely cluttered.

How to do it?

A number of email service providers support the animated GIFs in a single frame. Therefore, when you are planning to put a call-to-action button in the GIF, ensure that it is placed in the single or the first frame to avoid any issues with the email. Additionally, ensure that the size of the GIF you have embedded in your email is not too large as it will take a lot of time to load and the users may get frustrated because they have to wait for a long time. The best way to avoid this problem is carrying out the testing of the animated GIFs on different platforms such as mobile devices, laptops, tablets and desktop to confirm user-friendliness.

How to track its effectiveness?

Sending animated GIFs is just one part of your work, the extent of effectiveness can be calculated from the conversion and the click rates the email receives. Send one GIF and track the campaign effectiveness for two weeks before taking a final call. There is no point sending GIFs when you know that your audience is not liking it. To understand the user’s perception about the animated GIF, you can send another email to the customer asking whether they prefer normal messages or animated messages. This will let you know about their perception and you can serve them better.

Change your email marketing strategy as new technologies crop up and your campaign getting successful.

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