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8 essential free email marketing rules

14 March, 2021 | 3 Min Read

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According to a report by McKinsey, emails are more than 40 times better than Twitter and Facebook for acquiring customers. And, if you’re ignoring this marketing tool, it’s high time you get back to your bandwagon. Furthermore, if you’re planning to get started with free email marketing, here are 8 solid rules to stick to.

1. Send emails during the off hours

According to a plethora of studies, emails are read and answered when the recipient isn’t busy juggling with the daily emails. Sending emails in the early morning hours is not advisable because most of the customers are busy checking either personal or officials emails. In such a congestion, your email is likely to get lost without even being read.

2. Pack a benefit in less than 20 words

Whether the customers are using Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, the inbox display includes the subject, sender’s name, time and the first 20 words of the body of the email. Based on the first 20 words, the recipients decide the fate of the email. Focus on providing an intriguing benefit to the customers to stand out in the inbox and to make the readers open your customers.

3. Design the email right

Always remember that your email is not a web page and refrain from using videos, flashes, and audio in your email. If the email is not visible properly on your device, they will immediately reach the trash folder. To make the content readable, focus on using white spaces to improve the readability. Make the content scannable so that readers can easily read through the message. Furthermore, ensure that the email is not more than 500 × 650 pixels wide, otherwise, it will not display correctly on the smartphone.

4. Never focus on intimacy

Email is the not the place to show intimacy to the customers. Avoid asking customers questions such as ‘ Hope you’re fine’. Why would a stranger care about the well-being of the customers? Such lines are considered as cheeky, and they unnecessarily cover the space of your email.

5. Avoid buzzwords

No free email marketing has ever created ripples if the company uses buzzwords and acronyms. Most of the customers stop reading in the middle on encountering a technical jargon and buzzwords. Never use technical terms, if your readers are non-technical people. It will frustrate them to no extent, leaving your messages unattended.

6. Focus on uniqueness

Your email must create an impression in the minds of the readers that your message is worth their attention and time. Focus on sending something uniquely interesting and compelling about the product or your company.

7. ‘From’ name should be recognizable

The ‘From’ name is the first thing a customer sees in the inbox. If the message is from info@ or reply@ or worst the name is not recognizable, they will take less than a fraction of second to delete the message. Usually, the ‘From’ name should be recognizable and from a real person.

8. Never miss A/B testing

A/B testing is the key to a successful email campaign because you can literally test everything. Test and improvise with every email to reach the target audience. A marketing tactic may seem successful, but it might not yield the desired results. But, with A/B testing you can easily know what to use and what to reject.

Therefore, follow these 8 rules in your free email marketing campaign to reach the target audience.

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