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7 email marketing tests for successful campaign

01 February, 2021 | 4 Min Read

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If you want your email marketing campaigns to succeed…just test it against these 7 points below. If you have problems with performance of your email campaigns…then this is a good guide to continue reading and see on how you can improve.

1. The Subject Line

I think we made a post about this recently on how important a subject line is in your email campaigns. They are fundamental to getting good open rates for your email campaign. They’re like headlines or banner for your article and they should be worked at before you get it perfectly right. The best way to test whether an email campaign has a good subject line or not is to do A/B testing. This allows you to compare and test on which email campaign performed the best. These subject lines must also be changed regularly. You should never rely on the same subject line that you’ve used previously even if it worked well.

2. Your Call to Action

The call to action button/text is the starting point to getting a lead. It’s this bit that advices your subscribers to take an action. What works best is hard to tell and different for each business type. What we can suggest is to do the A/B testing and see how it sounds like if you were a subscriber. Does it sound convincing enough or does it still need a little bit of tweaking here and there? Another best way to make use of these ‘call to action’ buttons is to setup an autoresponder that is triggered by your subscribers clicking on a specific link. You can use that to redirect them to a landing page.

3. Images

This is one part of your email marketing campaign that you can’t have too much of or too little. Comparing the images you attached in your email campaign against your website is certainly not a good benchmark since websites developed from a whole new planet. Again the usage rate is highly independent on your subscribers. Some subscribers like to see lot of images and colors whereas some prefer it to be plain text. Do note that when you send your email campaign, most of your subscriber’s email clients have images turned off by default.

4. Known ‘sent from’ name

The ‘From’ name is important as it determines whether your subscribers will even read your subject line or not. Make sure your subscriber know you by this name. If they don’t…most email users tend to either delete them or worst…mark your email as spam without even opening it. It is better for you to use a business or brand name than an individual’s name. This doesn’t apply if you are actually intending to sent a personalized one-on-one type of email campaign.

5. Personalization

One of the biggest reasons people prefer using our email marketing software is to utilize this feature of personalization. Personalization in your email campaigns have significant impact on opening rates and performance. Be careful as using personalization too much might catch the attention of spam filters. Dont just add the first name of your subscriber but also other important data that you’ve gathered or is readily available on your account.

6. Your Landing Page

Another crucial element for your email campaign’s success is your ability to point your subscribers to the right landing page. Having a landing page with all the content related to set of one topic or two will surely convert your leads to customers. For example, I may have clicked on “email reports” keyword. The landing page must only contain information regarding email reports, statistics or other closely related subjects. Its not a good idea to put information about email marketing software although it makes perfect sense to do so.

7. Time to send

When you have your email campaign ready to send…dont just click the send button. Check the time and think to yourself what would you do if you received a email at your current time about whatever your email campaign is about. For example, sales emails tend to perform best when its evening time around 6-8 PM. This is because, people tend to be more free at this time and don’t have a boss over their shoulders.

Also make you double check/triple check your email campaign before sending since there is no going back. Many people usually make mistakes in their URLs which cannot be redirected to right page after recognizing the mistake and therefore loose sales/leads.

Hope these email campaign tests will help you send more successful email campaigns in future. Let us know if you take any other tests that have helped you in the past.

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