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6 ways to increase the open rate of your email campaign

31 October, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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For subscribers to scan your email, they need to open them first. If the emails fail to catch the interest, your messages reach the spam folder. In both cases, your marketing campaign is affected. Grabbing the attention of the customers and piquing their interest is not as easy because their inbox is inundated with a plethora of messages. Standing out in the clutter is something every marketer should strive for. A best emailing software will provide the right guidelines enabling you to reach the target audience. Here are 6 possible ways to capture the interest of the audience, before they begin reading.

1. Craft a riveting pre-header

Sadly, a bunch of marketers often overlooks the pre-header. But, after opening the email and reading the subject line, the next thing which encapsulates a customer is a pre-header. It is a barrier between an email sent and an email opened. Consider the pre-header as the tagline of the email that is likely to increase the open rate. Brands like Nike, BMW, Volkswagen, etc. are famous for their intriguing taglines. Similarly, your email can stand out with a mind-blowing pre-header.

2. Store swipe files

Wondering what is a swipe file? Swipe files are emails having exceptional pre-headers and subject lines. It’s a personal collection of files with awesomeness at a different level. When creating your email campaign using the best emailing software, use these swipe files for references and ideas. Always remember, using swipe files is not stealing someone else’s work, it is more about taking inspiration.

3. Chose the best emailing software

Every marketing tool has its own pros and cons. Some get caught in spam easier than the other. And, some tools assist is segmentation while others prefer A/B testing. All these factors affect the open rate of the email newsletters. An emailing software that fits the personality of your brand is crucial to increase the open rate.

4. Create re-engagement campaigns

With customers leading a busy life, omitting to read a few email messages is normal. Why remove such customers from the mailing list without giving a second chance? Remind people of your email by sending a re-engagement campaign and offering a discount on your products or services. Ignoring the re-engagement campaign results in lost opportunity as many customers simply forget to open your emails due to their busy schedule.

5. Avoid getting caught in the spam web

Obviously, customers cannot open your emails, if they land in the spam folder. Spam filters help customers maintain a distance from shoddy emails. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on email best practices by including a un-subscribe button and avoiding spam triggering words. Reaching the spam folder adversely impact the open rate and the sender’s reputation.

6. Optimize for mobile

Today, more than 66% of emails are being opened on a mobile device. And, with the increasing usage of Smartphones, the number is likely to exponentially increase in the coming years. Therefore, ensure that your email campaign is mobile-responsive because lazy marketing campaigns are a big turn off for the readers.

Therefore, always remember that at the end of the day, customers are not opening an email, they are conversing with your brand. So, use best emailing software to enhance your open rate.

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