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5 reasons to validate your email addresses

29 August, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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The increasing popularity of email marketing has given rise to a new market – the market for list validation. And, if you’re planning to focus on an email campaign, you need to focus on the auxiliary tools to win the trust of the target audience – using a bulk email checker. Be it banking, retail or infrastructure; all sectors rely heavily on email to send messages across. With the heightened demand in the market, you need a reliable marketing technique to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand. Furthermore, once your email list is clean, you will be attracting traffic, and your sender’s score will automatically increase. Email cleaning software will win the game because it will keep your database up to date and safe to use. Start scrubbing the marketing list before it’s too late.

1. Helps you learn more about subscribers

Yes, you read it right! Some bulk email checker can add missing information and lets the marketer know about their customer. These companies find out the gender, name, and location of the recipients. Such information is crucial for marketers because it helps in building a campaign which is tailored towards the requirement of the customers. Today, in the fast-paced world, customers look for instant gratification, and when the campaign is according to their need, you build an active subscriber’s base.

2. Removes risky email address

A lot of email addresses are created on a temporary basis just to avail discounts. And, after availing the offer, customers discard these email addresses. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean the email list on a regular basis to get rid of spam traps, toxic domains, and email complainers, which make way for their email database. Hitting these spam traps will lower the sender’s reputation and drastically affect the deliverability rate. And, once the deliverability rate reduces, the marketing campaign goes for a toss. Today, the need of the hour is to scrub the marketing list regularly to stay in touch with customers who want to hear from your brand.

3. Saves money

Are you spending the hard-money on recipients who are no longer using their email addresses? What is the point? You’re merely burning the money trying to reach non-existent customers. However, with list validation, you can reduce the cost associated with the marketing efforts. A marketer looking to leave a lasting impression needs to give due importance to email address cleaning.

4. Results in targeted marketing

Validating emails prevents your team from wasting valuable time, which is otherwise lost in the running behind bad email leads. When you segment the marketers into an active and inactive list, you send targeted messages to your audience. And, once customers receive messages as per their requirement,  they become brand advocates and spread positive things about your brand.

5. Increases email ROI

A bulk email checker enhances the overall ROI by eliminating investments in undeliverable emails and reducing the potential bounce rate. Furthermore, it will provide more accurate metrics for making tough business decisions. Start seeing the benefits of list cleaning and inculcate it in your email marketing strategy.

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