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4 ways of increasing sales with real-time email validation software

13 October, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Many web applications across the interest frustrate a consumer by asking them to re-enter their email addresses again and again. Some applications may even stop you from doing what you’re doing and ask you to click a link to continue browsing. Customers often get distracted by this process and end-up finishing the sign-up flow even though you do not want to use the product. Services such as confirmation messages undoubtedly increase the accuracy of customer data, but rarely result in any conversion.on. Is your company still stuck up with a sign-up form to reach the customers? Marketers who focus on email validation software often end-up in the good books of the customers.

Here are a few ways of increasing sale using real-time validation.

1. Validate emails in real-time

Using email validation software in real time will help you brand clean the subscribers list which is full of invalid email addresses.  Furthermore, when you validate addresses in real-time at the point of capture, you reduce the invalid sign-up. Also, it will reduce the bounce rate, which will improve the sender’s reputation and enhance the deliverability rate. When you do not validate email in real-time, your customers never receive any follow-up email and shared documents.

2. Measure the results

Whenever a customer types their email address in the registration form, you can make an AJAX request to validate it and warn the customer if they have misspelt the email address. Also, focus on measuring the results of the email marketing to enhance the marketing efforts further.  When the customer is given a warning about the wrong address, they will correct it, which will increase the ROI of the marketing campaign.

3. Segment the customer

Email addresses are not good or bad.  They are simply some gray areas and you need to beware of that. Being sent to the spam folder indicates to the ESP that your email is of low value to the customers. However, with real-time validation, you can segment the customers easily and at the point of contact itself, you can segment the readers. When you know which customers are reading your messages and which customers are ignoring, crafting email newsletters become easier for your brand.  Furthermore, when the email list is clean, you can segment the readers based on their interest, purchase history, gender, etc.

4. Bring new clients

This is particularly helpful when you focus on using real-time validation. You can implement an API on your website and connect with the readers who want to hear from your brand. Real-time API will draw a lot of new customers because you will be sending messages to people whose email addresses exist in real-time. When you validate the email address in real-time, you can confidently and immediately send the coupons to the target audience. Being able to offer these deals make the customer willing to share their email address with the brands.

Focus on real-time validation and use email validation software to reach your audience and increase the sales for your brand.

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