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4 list building hacks to grow your database

03 May, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Today, email marketing is the leading channel to drive sales and reach the target audience. But, the most prominent challenge a marketer’s face does not have an email database. The traditional methods of growing email list no longer appeal to the marketers or the customers because they are end-up shelling up more than $10 to acquire a new subscriber. How many businesses can afford to spend $10 per customer on online advertising to grow their email list? However, with the increasing penetration of technology, marketers can acquire a subscriber in less than $5. Also, to increase the effectiveness of list building tactics, you need to scrub the email list using bulk email checker to remove invalid email addresses.

Here are a few approaches to give wings to your open and email deliverability rate by building an authentic list.

1. Create epic posts

An epic post is one which compels the readers to share and forward to their friends and family members. Such a post delivers value to the customer and is often backed by data and research. It also includes actionable advice for the readers to implement. Writing compelling and meaningful messages drives traffic to your website and social media accounts. Apart from driving traffic, it builds credibility because of the deep insights, which the post provides to the customers. However, before sending the email to the target audience, focus on email scrubbing using bulk email checker to remove unwanted customers from the marketing list.

You may be sending messages to customers who are not your email list or are yet to subscribe to your newsletter. The idea is to add the signup link directly in the email signature to urge these customers to join the newsletter. It will help you reach the target audience effortlessly, and the growth of your email list will accelerate every month. Therefore, never forget to add a subscription link in your email signature.

3. Add a viral loop to your opt-in pages

The idea behind this strategy is to offer an upsell on the pages after the customer has given their consent to subscribe to the newsletter. Create a viral loop to your opt-in pages and ask the customers to recommend your brand to their friends and family members. The most interesting part of the viral loop is that you can potentially achieve negative churn, which means that your database grows, instead of decreasing over time. Also, clean the marketing list to reach the customers who want to hear from your brand.

4. Run a joint campaign with a successful business

A joint marketing campaign aims to enhance the reach and expand your audience base. It will increase your subscriber’s list and will build your business credibility. You can host an event, create a joint content piece or create value-added promotions to reach the target audience.

If you focus on implementing any these hacks, your email list is likely to grow manifold. Furthermore, regularly scrub the list using bulk email checker to decrease the chances of positive churn.

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