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4 essential elements to include in an email newsletter

06 August, 2020 | 2 Min Read

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Every day you get so many newsletters in your mailbox. Most importantly, how many of these newsletters do you open and read. To take the maximum advantage of your newsletter, following are 4 essentials that you should follow.

1) Subject and Title

The first and foremost part of every newsletter is subject and title. Just by reading the subject line, your subscriber will decide whether to open your newsletter or simply delete it. Generally it has been found that low open rate newsletter has subject lines that are too pushy or cheesy, whereas a subject line, which straightforward has a higher open rate.

2) Body of the newsletter

Every newsletter starts with the header. Make sure that header contains the logo of your company. Header with branded logo gives a chance to impress your viewers and promote your business. The best way to write a newsletter is to follow story telling expertise. You should follow conversational tone to mesmerize your reader. Share something new, share some secrets of the industry. Ensure that whatever you are writing in your letter is persuasive, relevant, important, and succinct. People get an enormous number of newsletters every week and to make the readers read your newsletter, ensure that you share something valuable and help them with value addition.

3) Products and Call to Action

Your newsletter must ask for a call to action. You would not want to spend time in writing a newsletter if you do not want anything from viewers. A call to action can be in terms of offering a coupon, registering for an event or it can also be request to like Facebook page and tweet. Also, add a description and images of some of the important product or service your company offers. Do not sound like a “salesy”, therefore, keep the sales pitch away from the newsletter. If you have any upcoming or ongoing offer, do not forget to include that.

Do not forget to include links to your social media pages. Social media is the best way to stay connected with your audience and this facilitates regular communication with the audience. Links can be included at the top or bottom or both. Social media is the best way in today’s market to network with your customers.

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