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3 ways poor data integrity can hurt your company

10 August, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Data collection is one of the pre-requisite of a successful email marketing campaign because without data email is zero. Data also possesses the biggest threat to email because wrong data results in a bouquet of ISP related issues such as low deliverability rate, high bounce rate and chances of getting blacklisted by the ISP permanently. Whether the malicious data have made its way because of the mistake of the customers or the data entry expert, your email campaign will suffer a setback. One effective way of handling poor data integrity is cleaning the list using an email address verifier.

Here are a few reasons how poor data integrity affects the reputation and possess a possible bottleneck to your company.

1. Lost opportunity and unhappy customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think. Will you not be frustrated, if you took the time to sign up for a newsletter, but you receive some gibberish content. The customer is likely to unsubscribe from your newsletter and shift towards your competitor. In addition to losing a customer who has shown interest, incorrect data can lead to disgruntled and extremely unhappy customers. You lose an important opportunity to connect with the customers and build your customer base. Additionally, poor data integrity will increase your cost of validating the email addresses using email address verifier. You lose customers and you end-up spending extra money on cleaning the email list. Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper data integrity to ensure that customers remain happy and loyal.

2. Insufficient and incorrect customer information

Any type of data regarding the customer will help you send personalized and meaningful messages. Invalid and erroneous data results in exactly the opposite repercussions. For example, Peter a male customer subscribes to a newsletter of a new fashion house. But, due to poor data integrity, the gender of Peter is stored as a female in the database. Because of this error, the fashion house sends information regarding the women’s clothing to Peter. Incorrect customer information results in misleading information, which translates to unhappy customers.

3. Wastage of time

It takes a lot of time and money to build the right sign-up form, marketing campaign, newsletter, track campaign and results. However, if you’re working with incorrect data, it will prevent your messages from reaching the intended target audience and the time your marketing team has spent on creating the campaign will land directly in the trash can. It will also lower down the morale of the marketing team because their efforts will not pay off.

Proper data integrity is essential for the success of an email campaign. With email becoming a strong leader in the marketing world, it is essential to focus on what is important. According to a report by Forrester, customers are two times more likely to sign up for your email list that Facebook. Also, customers prefer email as a medium of communication and it drives customer acquisition and retention. Our advice to you is to clean your email list regularly to stay connected with your target audience.

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