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3 ways of pruning cold subscribers from your email list

Published on by Priya Jain

Irrespective of the quality of your email newsletters, it’s impossible to satisfy the requirement of every single customer. Some subscribers will sooner or later lose interest in your offering, and it’s completely fine. When it comes to an email list, quality always surpasses quantity. So, you can prune the cold subscribers who are not showing interest in your brand. Focus on list validation using email verifier to identify customers who are inactive or dormant for more than three months. There is no point getting in touch with customers who have either switched their email address or have given an inactive email address during the sign-up process.

Here are four potential ways of pruning out the cold subscribers permanently from your marketing list.

1. Tag all the cold subscribers

You simply have to hit the ‘delete’ button to remove the cold subscribers, but in doing so, you might end-up removing customers who read your emails. Some customers will wrongly be tagged as cold even though they read your messages. That’s because the ESPs calculate the open rate based upon whether 1px of the transparent image was loaded or not. If the customer opens your email but has disabled images, they will get tag under the cold subscribers. Therefore, it’s best to identify these customers and remove them from the cold subscriber’s list. Furthermore, use email verifier to identify customers who are inactive for more than three months.

2. Give the last chance

Why not give the cold subscribers a final chance to stay on the marketing list before permanently removing them? Broadcast compelling and exciting messages to win back their trust. Provide an irresistible offer to keep them hanging with your brand. Ask the customer whether they wish to stay on your list or not. Shift the customers with a positive response to active subscribers and treat well to avoid sending last chance messages again. Today, the digital customer craves for unique offers to stay connected with one brand.

3. Know what customer thinks of your brand

For building a healthy relationship with your customers, you need to understand where your relationship stands with the customer. If the answer is nowhere, then you urgently need to reinvigorate the relationship. Provide the cold subscribers with a gift card and see your investment getting paid off. Understanding what the customers think about your brand is crucial for re-engaging the dead leads. Obviously, you cannot win back 100% customers; a small percentage will also make a difference. The ones who don’t show interest are probably not worth the efforts. Therefore, know your customers to avoid pruning the cold subscribers.

The sad truth of email marketing is that customer will go and come. And, as marketers, you need to leave no stone unturned to capture their attention. If still, your customers fail to interact with your brand, tag them as cold subscribers and remove them from the marketing list. Furthermore, focus on list validation using email verifier to identify customers who respond and those who take your brand for granted.

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