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3 unknown benefits of using email validation

30 July, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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More and more companies are becoming wise by leveraging the benefits of using an email list validation service. Performing email validation at the point of capture is helping companies ensure the reliability of the information before it makes its way to the database. This indirectly translates into opportunities to convert the user into a paying customer. And, if you thought email is a tricky pony, you’re missing out on potential money-making possibilities. Validating the email addresses serve more than simply checking the syntax and the domain name of the email address. When it comes to running an effective email marketing campaign, the Spotzee email verifier app is the most authentic asset in your arsenal.

1. Segments potentially dangerous emails

Classifying emails as valid, invalid, good or bad is pointless because a couple of users are responsible for filling the gray areas in email marketing. People who send the emails to the spam folders are the toughest to deal because the sender’s score go for a toss. When a customer filters the email to the spam folder, it alerts the ESPs that your email is of no or less valuable to the recipient. If the complaint is persistent, your messages will always reach the spam folder. However, you can easily segment the complaining customers into a separate list when validating emails. You need to handle such customers with care.

2. Ropes in new clients

Many companies offering email validation offer APIs that can be implemented on your website such that emails are corrected as the customers type in their email address. The API will help draw a plethora of new customers, which will boost your revenue. Can you send out a 20% email coupon on sign-up to every address without validating the authenticity of the email? Obviously, you can’t. This is where real-time data validation comes in handy. By automatically validating the email address of the customer, you can send the coupon without losing a single second. When instant gratification is given to the customers, they actually wait to hear from your brand – which is the biggest success for your email marketing campaign.

3. Enhances the customer engagement

Real-time validation of email addresses ensures that the deliverability and sender’s score shoots up. When these two numbers rise, the click-rate automatically increases. Furthermore, the data you collect from email validation is effectively used to craft a well-informed email campaign. Such a campaign is more likely to engage the readers and enhance the customer engagement multifold. In simple terms, the more data you have, the more personalized content you share with the audience. The more chances you have to permanently invade the inbox of the customer.

These are just a few of the countless benefits of validating the email addresses at the initial stage. Using quick and power tools, you can cut-down the cost of maintaining the list and improve the ROI.

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