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3 strategies for email re-engagement

Published on by Priya Jain

Email re-engagement is an art and many marketers are unable to grasp these strategies to reach the target audience. Connecting with inactive customers is an essential tool for any email marketing campaign. You need to win back the trust of your readers by sending informative and relevant content to the readers. Additionally, you need to maintain your email list because a stale list is full of inactive customers. Clean the list using validate email to ensure that readers engage with your customers. Furthermore, rely on different statistics to understand what your readers prefer. Here are a few strategies to re-engage the readers.


Whenever you send any email campaign, look at your email list to determine who is likely to show interest based on their purchase history. And, if your customers are not engaging with your content, you need to lower the sending frequency. The best possible way to engage with the readers is to find the best performing email message to your recipients. Moreover, too many promotional messages results in readers going into hibernation and become inactive. Control the frequency of your messages to win the trust of your readers. Therefore, scrub the mailing list using email address validation to re-engage the potential customers.


Monitoring the frequency of messages is fruitless, if your email list is not properly segmented. Focus on segmenting the list into different groups based on the demographics, age and location of the readers. Furthermore, you can engage the readers into three categories, including most engaged, somewhat engaged and least engaged. This way you can easily send the re-engagement campaign to people who are either somewhat or least engaged. It will give you the power of fulfilling the requirements of your subscribers. Therefore, sending messages without segmenting the readers will never drive customer re-engagement.

Cleaning the list

A majority of the marketers overlooks the cleaning aspect and focus only on re-engage the readers. You need to regularly use email validation to win the trust and engage the readers. A clean list is a house of loyal customers.

Therefore, follow these strategies to re-engage the inactive readers.

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