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3 simple ways of saying 'Thank You' to reach the inbox

Published on by Priya Jain

For email marketers, saying a simple ‘Thank You’ can do wonders to your strategy as it can increase sales and customer loyalty. According to a survey, ‘Thank You’ messages receive twice the open rate and click-through rate than the normal messages. Furthermore, emails generate 13 times more revenue than promotional messages. Focus on incorporating a ‘Thank You’ message in your email marketing strategy, if you want to go a long way with your customers. Here are a few instances on which you can thank your customers.

After the sign-up

Never take the sign-up phase of the reader for granted because a strong marketing list ensures you reap different benefits of email marketing. Your customers are putting faith in your brand and sharing their personal details. You need to honor such requests and share useful information with the readers. Furthermore, let the customers know that you value to their presence by sending a ‘Thank You’ message to the readers. Such messages provide a warm welcome to the readers and increases the marketing reputation. Additionally, you can share links to your social media profile to connect with readers beyond the inbox.

After a purchase

This one should probably go without saying. But, even then many brands fail to send such email messages. It’s a great way to share appreciation and boost customer loyalty. Every time a customer makes a purchase, remember to send a message thanking them for their continual support. If you don’t wish to send a separate email, include a thank you note in the email containing their order confirmation or shipping notification. Since, most customers are likely to read your message, make your thank you message attractive to the readers.

For staying loyal

Loyalty bounds no boundaries and such customers are the extremely valuable to your brand. A loyal customer frequently makes a purchase from your brand. Therefore, send an interesting and attractive thank you message to the big spenders to ensure their continual support. You need to find different ways of attracting the customers to make your email marketing campaign a success.

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