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3 free email templates to boost your B2B sales

29 January, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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For B2B marketers, life is not smooth because the world is against you! The world is against your business practices and not against you. The B2B industry has considered email marketing as potential means of communication because of which in the past it took 2-3 weeks to track down a single email address. Today, the game has changed, and more than 56% of the customers will share their email address in exchange for convenient and faster services.In increasing the customer engagement, free email templates play a crucial role because it sets the tone and it is reflective of your brand’s image. Moreover, you need not create a separate marketing template for every message. Just reuse the template for different scenarios.

Templates for customer retention emails

With the increasing competition in the market, monitoring the customer satisfaction level to provide a seamless customer experience. Use the data to come up with ideas to improve your products and services. A customer retention email is not about bribing the customer with offers; it’s letting the customers know that their presence is valuable to your brand. Therefore, when crafting a customer retention email focus on the following free email templates. Ask the customers to give honest opinions regarding your brand so that you can accommodate their requirements. Provide your direct email to communicate hassle-free with the customers. Tell the customers that you value their presence. If the customers prefer phone as the mode of communication, provide them with your office phone number.

Templates for guest blog promotion

Even today, content rules the email marketing world and the trend are likely to see an upward trend in the coming years. Writing and promoting outstanding blogs will help in building trust and brand reputation. The template you send should ideally begin with how the guest post will help your company establish itself in the niche. Tell the influencer that you wish to contribute a guest post. Next, mention three gripping and awe-inspiring titles. Lastly, include a link to your previous blog post to let the influencer know what you’re capable of. For B2B marketers, blogging increases the website visitors, which increases the sales.

A budding B2B company can drive more traffic to their website by generating quality backlinks from reputable websites and blogs. Directly asking an influential website to link back to your website will prove useful. Therefore, send an email to the resource site appreciating the list of resources. Also, tell the resource site that you have a document that will enrich those resources and will provide useful insights to the readers. Attach the guide or the link to the guide when you send the message. If the guide adds value to the readers, your email campaign a high-quality backlink. Using email template, you can engage the new customers, effectively provide services to the new customers and personalize their requirements. These are just a few free email templates, tweak changes in them to fit your business goal. Use marketing templates to drive your marketing goals strategically.

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