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Meet our team

How did we start?

We are on a mission to be the best omnichannel marketing platform in the world. Joining us on our mission is our Jonah and Associates team. Spotzee Marketing started in early 2010 as a web design agency named Jonah and Associates (our parent company). Our clients approached us wanting to send out email campaigns and wanted software they could use with ease. They wanted easy-to-use, intuitive, and fast email marketing software. And so we delivered what was readily available on the market. It was a self-hosted email marketing application released just a few years ago. From that point forward, we got good at making changes and supporting our clients with their ever-growing needs. One of the pain points was poor email deliverability and lack of standards with email templates. Back in the day, an HTML template that worked on one email client wouldn’t work on the other. So we incorporated a set of simple templates that our clients could use that generally worked on most email clients. Later, we built our SMTP server and allowed our clients to email through that. Finally, we managed our IP addresses and their reputation.

What we got up to?

We soon realised how so many emails that our customers upload from time to time that they gather from various sources often bounce back due to typos. This led us to develop software that would allow our clients to quickly scan through the list of emails and validate their existence without sending an email. This became our email validation software which we branded as Email Verifier App. We were one of the first in the industry to bring out such a product. Our customers received it well. They loved it. It meant they could protect their email reputation while delivering high-quality emails to their existing customer base. Today, Spotzee Marketing encapsulates all these bits and pieces together. We want everything to do with digital marketing to be right within our software. We also wanted to create a platform that didn’t lock you to a vendor. So that’s the journey we are on. We are building software that lets you choose the vendors you want to work with. Don’t like an email service provider? Pick another. It’s as simple as clicking on your favourite email provider (Eg. Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mailjet) and sending your email campaigns through.

Where we are going?

We also incorporated SMS marketing allowing you to do the same thing we’ve done for email. You can pick your preferred vendor and start sending your SMS campaigns through that. We also integrated a beautiful drag-and-drop email template, so building a fresh new template is as easy as dragging the blocks into place. Change the content to your liking, upload your images, and send with confidence knowing that it will work regardless of the email clients you open it in. We are not done yet. We have some excellent features in the pipeline that are all about making digital marketing easy. We are passionate about building a world-class product with a company culture built on trust, dedication, and values. We focus on building software that our customers need and love to use. Please write to us if you have feedback on any part of our software or processes. We would love to hear from you. Lastly, we have built our business on exceptional customer service. We want to know if you feel like you are not getting that. Would you like to join us in creating an awesome marketing community?

Ps. We are remote-first. We are distributed worldwide and stay connected using tools most people know and love (Notion, GitHub, Rocket.chat, ERPNext). So why don’t you join us? Check out our career page.

Roshan J.

IT Manager

Prabath A.

Marketing Associate

Priya J.

Content Manager

Rochelle D.

Software Developer

Mona E.

Customer Advocate

Phil A.

Customer Advocate

Ruselle O.

Customer Advocate

Chandran N.

Software Developer

Nguyen Thai S.

Software Developer

Xiaomin H.

Software Developer

Luter S.

Software Developer

Adnan MD.

Customer Advocate

Dmitry S.

Backend Developer

Muhammad F.

Database Administrator

Maisnam R.

Backend Developer

MD Atiqur R.

Solutions Architect

Vicky K.

Backend Developer

Sai R.

Full Stack Developer

Haris S.

Full Stack Developer

Alexey C.

Frontend Developer

Srinivas G.

Backend Developer

Ahmed M.

AI & Machine Learning

Aman A.

Database Administrator

Vitaly F.

Network Administrator

Noreen Angelica F.

Customer Support

Maksim S.

Cloud Consultant

Ram N.


Sunil K.


Varghese C.

Backend Developer

Phuong T.

Full Stack Developer

Edward A.


Jheann R.

Customer Support

Core Values

core values - community


core values - reliability


core values - simplicity


core values - transparency


core values - love


core values - honesty


core values - generosity


core values - communication


What we stand by

Our values are fundamental to our success. They are the foundation of our company. They define who we are and set us apart from the competition. They underlie our vision of the future, business strategies, decisions, actions, and behaviour. They are enduring to us. We live by them. At the heart of Email It, we find four interdependent and enduring core values: Integrity, Teamwork, Respect and Professionalism.


It leads us through an ethical, positive and healthy path to our success. We are committed to integrity in all that we do, always and everywhere.


Every individual contributes to our growth and development. We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity. We value and benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual.

Business Philosophy

To assist our customers in achieving, maintaining, and enhancing their business communications by strategies and continuously implementing various elements to create a perfect business environment inside and outside.


It is in our nature, our style, and our character. We are committed to the highest standards. We pursue innovation, deploy imagination, and welcome new ideas. We act decisively and consistently. We are determined to deliver the outstanding quality that renders long-lasting and close relationships with our clients.


Our ability to succeed as a trusted and preferred supplier of email communication solutions to our clients is the essence of our ability. Our overriding loyalty is for the good of the whole organisation. We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organisational boundaries for our client’s benefit and our own.

Our Customers

For us, there is no such thing as a typical customer. We work with individuals and companies from many different ‘walks-of-life. As a result, our customers become our friends, and relationships that develop are often not confined to the office. We become part of our customer’s environment, and we encourage our customers to become part of ours.

Why makes us different?

  • We take things personally, and we love to develop long-lasting relationships
  • We take email marketing seriously, and we are there when you need us
  • We always aim at making a difference and not just provide you with another software to work your way around
  • There is a wide range of talents and experience within our team
  • We have a focus on services that genuinely add value to our customers and their businesses
  • We focus on the long term and short term goals and thereby helping us focus on the big picture all together